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Video and photo ban

Sadly, this type of on-track shot is no longer possible. The in-car use of both camcorders and cameras is banned. As no reason has been given, various theories have been mooted ...

Theory one

Some idiot put video footage of a fatal accident onto the net. While this is not impossible, Ringers are usually pretty good at sniffing out Ring-related material from the web, so it would be very surprising if something so controversial were out there without any of us having heard about it.

Theory two

The more general risk of tabloid journalists - especially television ones - using photos or videos of crash sites to create sensationalist stories. Mike Frison had some of his photos stolen by a tabloid in just this way: none of them showed serious crashes, but the newspaper story gave a very different impression. That's also the reason I removed the Whoops page.

Theory three

Nurburgring GmbH fears legal action by ambulance-chasing lawyers. The Ring exists in the real world of people being responsible for their own actions and the risks they choose to take, but we increasingly live in a Disneyesque world where everyone wants someone else to blame when anything goes wrong. If someone crashes and a photo or video shows that there was, for example, some water running across the track, a lawyer could argue that Nurburgring GmbH should have put out warning signs, or gone out there with a lot of kitchen towel or something ...

I have no more information than you about which, if any, of these theories are correct. All I can say is that Dr Kafitz has made it known they are serious about the ban. Repeat offenders will be banned from the Ring for the rest of the year.

While there is no-one more disappointed than me (my trip reports will be a lot less interesting without the frame-grabs), my own decision has been to respect the ban. And whichever of the theories is the right one, clearly we all have one shared interest: keeping the Touristfahren sessions open for as long as we possibly can. If the price of that is that we lose in-car photos and videos, then better to pay it than not.

It is still fine to take photos & videos from the trackside. Here's a great selection of videos about and on the Ring from You Tube



At the Ring



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