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Nurburgring video

There is a ban on in-car video on Touristfahrten sessions. You can use a camera on private track days. Here are some of my favourite videos from Please feel free to suggest more by posting the URL in the Comment box below.


High quality contemporary footage of a Porsche GT3 chasing a Corvette C6 (lap)

Classic but grainy film of the Ruf CTR "Yellowbird" driven hard around the ring (lap)

Official GM video of the Corvette C6. The driver commentates with corner names (lap)

The best video game footage I've seen of the Nordschleife (lap)

Somebody getting a race passenger lap. Check out his facial expressions (lap)

About the Nurburgring

Onboard at the 1967 Grand Prix and a track guide (4 mins)

The great Jackie Stewart talks you through a few sections of the track in 1967 (2 mins)

A short and useful introduction to driving the Ring from NFSS (2 mins)

An amateur documentary about driving in Germany and the Nurburgring (10 mins)


Classic Porsche, BMW on the Nurburgring (1 min)

German touring cars on the Ring and other circuits (6 mins)

Porsche video; driving the 996 in the snow (6 mins)

Porsche GT3s in rally mode. Not on the 'Ring, but a great video nonetheless! (8 mins)

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