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Unfriendly companies

This page is to warn of insurance companies and breakdown services who are known to exclude cover at the Nurburgring. Check your car, travel, health, and breakdown cover carefully before you go.

If you know of a company who belongs on this page, please let me know.

UK Car insurance companies

So many insurers now exclude the Ring using one mechanism or another that I have given up trying to maintain a list of them. A common wording is to exclude 'de-restricted toll roads'; although they don't name the Nurburgring, it's hard to think what else this could mean. Please see the Insurance page for more details.

Car hire companies

Almost all mainstream (Hertz/Avis etc) rental companies now exclude the Ring, so again it has reached the stage where maintaining a list of them is futile. However, there are a number of local companies hiring out fully insured track toys. Details are on the car hire page.

Breakdown companies

AA 5-Star excludes the Ring by name in its European Breakdown Cover Terms and Conditions: AA terms and conditions

Page 13 What we will not cover:

8: The cover is not available to vehicles which are overloaded, used in rallying, off-road driving or in the Nürburgring or for motorsports.

Green Flag states that they now do not cover "de-restricted toll roads", of which the Nürburgring is the most famous.

Europ Assistance has the same exclusion as Green Flag.

The safest bet for breakdown cover at the Ring is to join ADAC. They will recover you from the Ring without the usual €175 recovery charge, and for £50 you can get cover that is valid in the UK also. See ADAC page for details.

Travel Insurance

RAC Travel Insurance refused to pick up the tab for hospital care after a bike crash on the Ring, claiming that it exceeded the normal level of risks associated with a holiday.

AXA travel insurance advised one of its policyholders that it would not cover medical care resulting from an accident on the Ring.



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