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The Nürburgring Südschleife

What we think of as the original Nürburgring is more properly known as the Nordschleife ('the Northern Loop') because there was another part to the original circuit: the Südschleife ('the Southern Loop').

Although the Südschleife was effectively destroyed as part of the Ring when the current Grand Prix circuit was built, about half of it was turned into a road, some of it is now access road to part of the Grand Prix circuit car-park and part of it is just abandoned tarmac.

Robin Lord created this map:

I used the map to find it during a trip there. After finding a way onto the abandoned tarmac on foot, I decided to see if I could actually drive on it. I started by getting a GPS fix on the section I'd walked on and then drove around access roads until I found my way onto it. I was then able to drive the entire length of the section marked above in blue.

The lower section is completely abandoned, with grass growing through the tarmac, boulders in the road. The top section is used as a car-park access road and is in good condition, with Nordschleife-style paint-marks visible



At the Ring



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