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Capricorn buys the Nurburgring

On 11 March 2014 Capricorn Group, an automotive parts supplier already located next to the Nurburgring, announced that it had bought the Nordschleife, Grand Prix track, and Ring Werk centre from the receivers appointed after the previous owners went bust.

Capricorn's press release states that they plan to continue tourist driving (the bit we are interested in), get rid of the Ring Card payment system, demolish the unused roller coaster, and build an automotive technology park where the current Grün Holle complex is located.

Capricorn will officially take over running the Nurburgring on 1st January 2015, after completion of a review by the European Commission into whether the Nurburgring received illegal state aid. Capricorn can back out of the deal if this aid has to be repaid.

Meanwhile, 2014 will continue as planned, so Touristfahrten and the current planned race events are safe



At the Ring



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