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Nürburgring Ringwerk

Situated next to the main visitor centre above the Kart Circuit, the Ring Werk is a museum and eleven interactive attractions that focus on different aspects of the Nurburgring and its history.

You might also hear it called "NüroDisney" because it's the company's attempt to open up the Nurburging to a family audience while adding little to the experience of driving the Nordschleife. The whole complex takes one to three hours to go through. Note that wheelchair access isn't great.

Ring Werk single pass:

The single passes are different depending on age and also give you access for the whole day.

  • Adults / Teens: €19.50
  • Children: €11 (from 5 - 11 years)
  • Handicapped people and their attendants: €11 with official pass
  • Ring fun XL/XXL Packages:

    The XL package is available for people aged 10 and over and is €27.50. This gives you a day pass and a 10 minute driving session at the Kart Circuit.

    The XXL package is also for people 12 and over. It costs €29.50 and contains a Ring Werk single day pass, a 10 minute session on the Kart Circuit and the choice of a backstage tour of the circuit or a session on the Kletter challenge. (Suspended climbing apparatus) in the main shopping area behind the pit straight grandstand.

    Ring Werk Family Pass:

    €55 for 2 Adult tickets and 2 Children aged 5-11. This gives you access to the Ring Werk for the whole day and saves you money if attending with kids. So you don't have to worry about rushing through each activity.


    Nurburgring 24 Hours in 4D:

    The Nurburgring 24 Hours in 4D is a 15 minute long film that follows a small team who entered into the race a few years ago. From preparation to the finish, all the key moments in the team's campaign are covered and include fantastic onboard shots! The film is documentary based but don't expect to see much of the other teams in the race or any sort of position tables throughout.

    The 3D technology is very impressive in this instance because it was made to be 3D. Expect sparks flying by your face and tyres bouncing through the screen. You won't find yourself jumping out of your seat dodging cars but the difference in the layering is better than most current 3D films.

    The 4D technology (physical effects) is also impressive but isn't used that much during the film. You will get a tiny bit wet and your hair may be drier by the time it finishes, but don't expect to experience realistic Nurburgring rain and wind that you can often get for free by standing outside the building.

    Overall it's a very interesting attraction that is definitely worth going out of your way to see. Especially if you have an interest in the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring. It's not on all the time so you will have to be wary of the showing times. There are plenty of seats and enough showings so everyone gets a chance to see it each day. (Except during DTM or F1 weekends where there are more spectators than raindrops at the circuit).

    Motorsport Exhibition

    The motorsport exhibition at the Ring Werk is a collection of cars past and present that have raced at the Nurburgring. The collection won't take hours to get round but contains some important cars in the Ring's history. The first ever car to race at the Ring is on display as well as F1 cars, Senna's Mercedes and the Nurburgring 24 Hour Opel Winner from 2003 to name a few. Each car has a plaque containing technical details and a brief history. All cars are up close and some like the Opel are untouched from its last race so still showcase the dirt and grime that they sustained! A very interesting voyage through some of the stars of the Ring through the ages.

    Green Hell Multimedia Theatre

    The multimedia theatre shows a brief history of the Nurburgring from the construction of the track, to 50's legends to Lauda's accident in the 80's. All the main moments from the past are here for you to witness close up. The theatre itself isn't your usual movie screen though, it's on a turntable and is presented in a forest setting. While watching, the seating area turns so you face the various screens to watch. The old footage of the tracks construction and the golden age of Formula One are fascinating and put together well so it's well worth watching.

    Motor Mania

    Motor mania is an interactive ride aimed at smaller audiences. In motor mania you sit in a yellow pod and have to shoot targets with a petrol nozzle while being taken around a series of dark themed rooms. It's great for kids and will be fun for parents who go on the ride with them. However this is fun to be had trying to beat your own or your mate's high score that is built up during the ride.

    Test centre

    The test centre is a very interesting experience and one which you are almost guaranteed to learn something about the way a car functions. The Test Centre is a series of mock car cross sections, giant car parts that you can walk through and tech demonstrations.

    As you walk through you will learn how almost every part of a car works in the modern era. It is full of interactive sections to visually aid the experience. Its great for kids as well as adults because most of the demonstrations are simple and require levers being pulled and buttons being pressed. There is a lot of text and detailed explanations so Adults can enjoy it just as much. Definitely the most time consuming section of the Ring Werk experience.


    The Nurbus, is a high speed trip around the Nurburgring in a simulator. Usually, you come out of a simulator feeling like you have been beaten up with a baseball bat but in this case the technology works and actually feels accurate. Once again, it's aimed at a younger audience; it has a cartoon style and is more about a fun ride than a tour round the Ring and the Eiffel region. Definitely worth seeing because it's a bit of fun and a great experience, just don't expect to learn much on the points of interest front...

    Truck Grand Prix

    The Truck Grand Prix is a classic wheel and pedals simulation area used as a distraction on your way round. The software seems dated already but the overall experience is good and worth doing if you're interested in trucks, racing your friends or want to have fun with your kids.

    Ring Meister

    The Ring Meister is visually a very nice section which will take minutes to get round. This is a wax works stage with a ring of legendary drivers like: Schumacher, Vonn Trips and Senna. Each piece is very accurate and they all look very real. A great photo oppourtunity for everyone interested in motor racing legends.

    Ring Akademie

    The ring Akademie is a newer section which tests your knowledge on the Ring and Motorsport in general. Great knowledge and quick reactions are needed when competing with friends or just trying to beat your highscore. Put your knowledge to the test at this interactive room full of fun trivia.

    Formula One Grand Prix

    This section is a very interesting part of the Ring Werk. It has a recreation of a F1 grid on display with team trucks, cars and a pit wall. A good experience for those who have always wanted to walk on the F1 grid, and it's especially effective when viewed with lots of other people to give the full experience.

    In addition to that is a pit stop challenge which you can do with your partner and against your friends. Its lots of fun and you will receive a certificate with your time at the end. Furthermore there is a small arena where small kids can drive small F1 cars and earn a drivers licence and a fully functional wind tunnel so you can learn how small changes can affect a car.

    Playstation Arena

    If you havent already played Gran Turismo 5 then here is your chance. This section located at the end and has a bank of Playstations with racing seats equipped with a steering wheel and pedals. You can race against your friends and experience the Real Driving Simulator that is GT5.

    Ring Racer ("no has batteries")

    The Ring Racer is a white elephant of a fairground ride running through the Ring Werk complex that cost a fortune but to my knowledge has only run a handful of times.

    Other areas in the Ring Werk

    Ring Werk Ring Shop:

    Yes you guessed it, you can purchase as much merchandise as you can carry on your way out of the Ring Werk, hats, shirts, books, towels and key rings are just some of the products on offer at reasonable prices.

    Boxen Stopp (Pit Stop) Restaurant:

    There is also an opportunity to grab a snack or lunch during your time at the Ring Werk. A variety of food and drink is available at the restaurant and there is a kids play area too with ball pits and slides.

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