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Rules of the Nürburgring

This is a rough translation of the rules which used to be printed on the back of the tickets. Many thanks to Rob Semmeling for the translation (tidied up a little by me) and to Laurens de Jong for clarifying a couple of points.


The Nürburgring is made available for tourist drives on days when it is not being used for racing or testing. For these days, the following rules are to be obeyed. These are:

1 - Driving

1) Driving on the Nürburgring is only permitted using vehicles which comply with the law and which have a minimum speed of 40 km/h.

2) Every driver must own a valid drivers license and a valid ticket/permit issued by Nürbrurgring GmbH.

2 - Use of the Nürburgring

1) Joining and leaving the Nürburgring is only allowed at the official entrances and exits.

2) The Nürburgring is a one-way road and marked as such. It is driven clockwise.

3) Vehicles must drive on the right, in particular when overtaken, on crests, in bends or in case of breakdown.

4) On the whole Nürburgring, including the grass next to the track, stopping is strictly forbidden. It is also forbidden to drive the wrong way on the track.

5) Vehicles which have to be recovered from the track must also be recovered in the correct direction.

6) The use of snow-chains and spiked tires is prohibited.

3 - Velocity

1) Regulations regarding speed, as defined under Art. 3, Sect. 1 of the German Highway Code, must be adhered to. Which Laurens tells us essentially says that you must be in full control of your vehicle whatever speed you're travelling at, a most sensible approach to traffic law - Ben

2) Racing is prohibited. This includes attempting to set speed records with individual vehicles.

3) The directions of safety cars and marshalls are to be followed. In particular, the signal for "no overtaking". I guess this means yellow flags - Ben

4) The speed limits in the start/finish-area have to obeyed by all visitors to the Nürburgring.

5) The places marked as "construction site" have to be driven slowly. The indicated speedlimits have to be followed. Presumably a reference to coned-off areas where armco repair, etc, is being undertaken. Also, when the T13 diversion is in place, there is usually a speed limit for that section. - Ben

4 - Liability and damage

1) Nürburgring GmbH shall have no liability whatsoever.

2) Accidents as well as any damage to the track, the verges, the fences, the crash barriers or any other Nürburgring property must be reported to the staff of the Nürburgring GmbH. The cost of repairing any damage and of any track closure must be paid by the person responsible. The cost per hour can be viewed on request.

5 - Other

1) Driving on the Steilstrecke and the sliproads ("rescue roads") is prohibited.

2) Filling up with fuel and oil is only allowed at the official fuelling points. The engine must be turned off when refueling, as well as when stationary at the start/finish.

3) The instructions of the staff of the Nürburgring must be followed.

4) Photo-, film-, and video-recordings are only allowed to be commercially distributed with written permission of the Nürburgring GmbH.Since this, a complete ban on photography and video filming on the track has been introduced, and in 2004 offenders will be banned - Ben

6 - Penalties

For breaking any of these rules, the offender is charged DM100 (one hundred Deutchmarks - about €50). Nürburgring GmbH has the right to ban the offender from using the track.



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