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Ring Taxis

Most Ringers are happy to offer passenger laps, but if you want to see how it really should be done there are companies offering a "Ring Taxi" service either on Touristfahrten, on private track days, or race days.

Regulations appear to have been relaxed this year, so it's worthwhile asking when you make a Car Hire or Hotel booking if your contact can help you arrange to have a passenger lap. Prices range from free if arranged as part of a Car Hire booking, to about €600 for a lap in Sabine Schmitz' 911 GT3 RS. Please mention when you make your enquiry.

BMW Ring Taxi

BMW runs a "Ring Taxi" service from April to October where you can take a ride around the Nurburgring with one of its drivers. Tickets cost €225 per car and can be booked with the Nurburgring directly (link below). Split three ways this is good value considering the cost to BMW of running the service is reputed to be over €400 per lap. Minimum age is 12 years and 150cm tall.

The taxis get booked up a year in advance, but it is worthwhile checking for cancellations nearer the time, especially when the weather is wet because some people just cancel their trip to the Nurburgring and you can take their place. It's also worth trying to buy a space in a car that's not full.

The video below demonstrates the showboating that takes place.

Note that Sabine Schmitz is no longer one of the drivers

Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 Vantage Co-Pilot

The Nurburging also runs an Vantage "Co-Pilot" costing €295 per lap per person. You can see in the video that it is substantially quicker than the M3 taxi, but it is very expensive. Similar to the BMW Taxi though it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't make a lot of money out of the rides even at that price after wear and tear is accounted for. The minimum age is 18.

I have ridden in the Vantage taxi and it is incredible, I can only describe the driving as being like something out of a computer game. The car has much more grip than any road car I've been in, and the drivers are very talented and confident.

Ring taxis offered by car hire companies

RSR Nurburg

RSR Nurburg offers Hot Laps in the following cars, with one of its instructors driving. VLN Race Practice dates can be found on the Calendar.

Race Ring taxis

On a recent visit to see a VLN race I discovered that you can book a lap in a racecar in the practise sessions by paying the team upwards of €200. I will add a list of teams who offer this service.

Prosport Performance



At the Ring



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