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Ring Boulevard

The Ring Boulevard is a massive Airport style complex situated behind the BMW M Power stand that caters for most shopping needs for petrol heads. It not only has merchandise that is linked to the Ring but it also has a variety of manufacturers who have set up shops in the main complex.

In addition it contains food stalls (depending on the event) and an indoor entertainment arena. It's likely to impress because of its massive modern feel and its gigantic screen never ceases to amaze. Nice!

So what shops are in the Ring Boulevard?

Last updated summer 2013

ADAC Centre

The benefits of ADAC membership are detailed here. Although as of summer 2014 ADAC no longer accepts UK members.

Aston Martin Shop

The Aston Martin shop is like heaven for all fans of the British Manufacturer. It contains pretty much all the Aston gear available to the public. Shirts, hats, towels, shoes, watches, pens, posters, wallets and pin badges are just a few of the many products available. It sells your usual Aston Martin branded gear as well as the Aston Martin Racing line of items. Be wary that the prices are mostly more expensive than elsewhere but the sale rail generally contains a few good deals. It's good because it's all in one place, put it that way.

Ferrari Store

The Ferrari store in the Boulevard is the headquarters for prancing horse fans. This store is packed with Ferrari merchandise and at pretty reasonable prices to. It has models, puzzles, F1 gear and all sorts of accessories. Like the Aston Shop they also have a good sale section which usually contains last year's shirts and hats as well as products that were ridiculously expensive at release that they can't get rid of. A lot of gift opportunities here.


Loto is a newsagent that sells German Magazines and newspapers but also basic food supplies and drinks alcoholic and soft. They offer some books about the Ring but most are in German and some 1:18 and 1:24 scale car models at extremely high prices.


The Nissan shop is a massive showcase of the Nissan brand focusing on the GTR. On display are a couple of special edition GTRs for you to drool over and maybe even order if you have enough in the bank! There is also a massive 3D map of the Nurburgring under glass you can walk over, which is good for putting the Ring into perspective as it contains a good level of geographical detail. Aside from that you can purchase GTR merchandise and models, so this one is definitely worth a look.

Nurburgring Driving Experiences

This store is the place to book any of the massive variety of driving experiences possible at the Ring. From Aston Martin experiences to off-road ATV driving it's all here and available to book at their desk. You can also just take the leaflets about the experiences which are all available in English for you to decide on later.

Paddock Shop

The Paddock shop is the official Nurburgring store that is packed with merchandise and models. This is the place to get Nurburgring bumper stickers and Nurburgring shirts, jackets, wallets, hats, mugs and even toasters; you name it, they sell it with Nurburgring on it! Aside from that it sells F1 merchandise with a bias towards German drivers as well as fashionable clothing from Superdry and Porsche.

There is large store located right next to the Boulevard, a smaller one at the RingWerk exit as well as 3 temporary smaller versions inside the Boulevard that open only during race weekends to cope with demand. There is also one next to the Welcome Centre ticket desk to make sure you spend all your money before leaving!

Phoenix Racing Store

The Phoenix Racing store is more of a showcase of the team's history than a shop. It usually displays some of their racing cars from the past and present and the walls are covered in pictures of their successes. If you do support them in DTM or VLN though you can purchase some merchandise and models but it is limited to only a few shirts and hats.

Racewear 24

Racewear 24 is quite a mishmash of items. It's mainly focused on fireproof gear, racing helmets and accessories for people who race or ride motorbikes. Also though it has a selection of Audi merchandise, a selection of onboard N24 DVDs, a book on the Nurburgring 24 Hours and Nurburgring branded driving boots as well as a few teddy bears and pushcars for your younger petrol heads!

Race Room Cafe

Sim racing fans rejoice! The underground world has finally reached the surface. This cafe is a very interesting addition to the Boulevard in 2011. Banked with sim rigs, this cafe is not only a place to grab a snack or a drink but also a place to race your friends or other spectators using the popular Simbin titles GTR Evolution and Race On.

There are 30 set ups, including 10 triple screen rigs which are used to run the Nordschleife on GTR Evo. The prices are pretty reasonable, €5 for a quick race with practice around the Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit and €10 for a longer go on the bigger set ups that run the Nordschleife. They also hold competitions throughout the year which you can sign up to that are for more experienced sim racers.

Snack and drink prices are pretty much the same as everywhere else in the Ring, and you can also purchase Simbin titles on disc to take home as well as Raceroom merchandise and full on racing set ups at hefty prices. This cafe only accepts payment by RingCard for all food, merchandise and games.

Radical store

The Radical store really is a whole lot of nothing to be honest. There is not much to buy or look at. There are generally a few pieces of Radical merchandise up for sale but other than that the only thing worth seeing is the TV screen on the store front window which shows onboard footage of their record setting lap of the Nordschleife.


RWE is a showcase exhibition and demonstration of the future of green technology with a focus on electric cars and low carbon electricity generation. The whole exhibition is in German since the company is centred in Germany so it's not very useful for non-German speaking tourists.


This famous American fast food franchise sells itself really, and the quality and choices are more or less the same as you find in the UK. It is located outside the Boulevard above the Welcome Centre and they accept cash and credit cards, so is one of the few places to eat where RingCard is accepted but not compulsory. The queues are generally large around lunchtime on bigger scale events but it's quiet between meal times and during the week.

Temporary stalls

For most events at the Ring, a variety of small stalls are set up in the boulevard down the main pathway. These are usually market type stalls selling motorsport models, books, garage signs and apparel as well as things like jewellery at good prices. It's usually bargains galore come Sunday afternoon.

TUV Rheinland

The TUV Rheinland centre is pretty useless for anyone outside of Germany because its purpose is to sell an MOT type service to people with German cars. So unless you live in Germany and own a German car, it's not worth going inside.


In the Yokohama store you can learn all about their range of tyres and the benefits for using them on the road. Aside from that they sell models of WTCC cars and yearbooks of the WTCC, IRC and Formula Master at very reasonable prices. It should be noted that for some reason you can only pay with a credit card as they do not accept cash or RingCard here.

What else is in the Boulevard?

Food stalls/bars

For the larger events a variety of food stalls and bars are located in the main area opposite the shops which will sell alcohol, soft drinks, fast food and snacks. Expect lots for DTM and F1 and less or even nothing for smaller events. During the week when nothing is on the food stalls are generally closed unless large corporate events are taking place.

Ring Arena

The Ring Arena is a small indoor venue that is similar to the IndigO2 at the O2 Arena in London and LG Arena at the NEC in Birmingham. This arena shows a variety of events such as music concerts and stunt shows throughout the year at reasonable prices. There is no yearly calendar produced for it so it's hard to know exactly what's going to be on at each date. However you can expect things like indoor motocross at the biker festival and a few concerts during the winter. Tickets for its events can be purchased at the Welcome Centre.



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