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Repairs and garaging at the Nurburgring

If your car develops a problem at the 'Ring, there are a few garages in the area that can help. Many of them are used to seeing high performance cars, and receiving foreign customers. If you have experience of a garage that should be added to the list, please send me an email with the details.

The region around the Nurburgring is effectively closed on Sundays and most garages and shops will not be open.

Facebook groups

Help can often be found here at short notice.

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Car parts can be expensive in Germany. ATU is the closest you'll find to Halfords in Germany. Two branches are listed below. "Teile" means car parts in German. Next day delivery is often available when ordering parts. Petrol stations carry a wider range of parts and consumables than in the UK (including car batteries), and tools and basic car parts such as oil/filters/batteries are available at the Schug DIY store in Adenau.

Some items I bought on trips in 2014, comparing UK prices to what I paid in Germany

  • Bosch Porsche 968 distributor: £50 in the UK, £68 at Auto Leider
  • Medium sized car battery: £60 in the UK, £85 at Schug DIY
  • 1 litre of generic branded synthetic oil: £10 in the uk, £20! at a petrol station

Garages/parts in Adenau

Adenau is the biggest town near the Nurburgring and is probably the place where you are going to find a garage to help you change a tyre or brakes or sort some other problem that you have.

Auto Lieder Teile

This is a small independent garage in Adenau that I have used for brake pad and wheel bearing replacement. They have two car lifts but I didn't see a bike stand. Nico Lieder owns the place and although he doesn't speak English, two younger members of his staff do. Both occasions I used them I didn't have to book a time to come in and the work was done quickly and I was pleasantly surprised at the low cost.

Address: Haupstrasse 207, Adenau 53518 (on the left as you head from Adenau to the Nurburgring)
Tel: +49 2691 2442

Jaco's Paddock, Barweiler

This Ring car hire company can order spare parts for you and deliver them on the same day in the week. They also have a fully equipped workshop. Although they specialise in BMWs, their skilled mechanics are there to help get any car back on the road. Contact details are on the Car Hire page.

Schug DIY

Like B&Q or Wickes but with a decent section for basic car parts. It's well hidden on the far side of Adenau as you come to it from the Ring. It is in the top left of the map

Service4ring by Matechsports

Address: Im Broel 24, Adenau 53518 (100m from Breidscheid bridge leading into Adenaug)
Tel: +49 1721 404 341

Race car preparation

Many German race teams are based near the Nurburgring. Most of these also offer track car preparation services as well such as rebuilding engines, suspension upgrades, bodywork repair or replacement, and installing roll cages etc, all the way up to full racecar preparation or restoration. In addition, many teams and garages will often let you store a car and wheels/tyres there for a fee, so you can travel to the 'Ring your car is ready to go when you want it.

Teichmann Racing GmbH

Teichmann Racing GmbH is in Adenau, near the Breidscheid entrance behind Aldi. They have a large workshop area and car storage and are agents for H&R suspension. Their website is in German, but for English language help, contact XXX on +49 2691 937 968 with your requirements.

Address: Im Broel 8, Adenau 53518 (behind Rewe and Aldi supermarkets just after the Breidscheid bridge on the way into Adenau).

ATU Mayen

The closest to Halfords you will find in Germany. The Mayen branch is 28km south east of Nurburg

The Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler branch is 36km north-east of Nurburg

Team Schirmer

+49 171 20 63 122

Special Brakes

Sells brake pads and discs

Frikadelli Racing

Race team. Sabine Schmitz and Klaus Abbelen.

Green Hell Performance

Am Alten Wehr 26b, 53518 Adenau. Darius Drzensla.



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