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My aim is for my photo library to become the definitive source for photo-buyers from magazines, ad agencies, etc.

If you are interested in having your photos included in this library, please read the details below carefully to find out how to submit photos for consideration.

Photo: Jochen Van Cauwenberge

The deal
The photo-library operates on normal stock photography terms, which is a revenue split of 50/50 between the library and the photographer.

How it works
You submit photos for consideration (see below for instructions). Any photo accepted is added to the library as a low-res image like the example above. I will deal with all pricing enquiries, based on NUJ rates for editorial (as an indication, a typical price for a 1/4-page photo in a car magazine is £85) and commercial rates for advertising (these are a lot higher). When a buyer wants a photograph, I will text you to advise that a request has arrived and email you the filename. You send the hi-res file to me, sized & sharpened as required, and I pass onto the buyer, together with a usage licence and invoice. When I'm paid, I'll ask you for an invoice for your 50% and will pay you as soon as I receive this.

What are the requirements for inclusion?
There is one technical requirement, and one business requirement. The technical requirement is that all photos are 6MP+ and taken with an SLR (film or digital). Although some pocketcams are high-resolution, the lenses and sensor sizes are not good enough for commercial usage. The business requirement is that you will generally be able to supply the hi-res file within 24 hours of an emailed request (on a weekday).

Why no watermarks?
Buyers will sometimes try to buy direct, especially if they think it's an amateur who will let it go for a credit or for a price significantly below the going rate. Watermarks aren't needed to protect small low-res images from use in print as they would print at about 1.6 inches in the longest dimension. :-)

How do I submit photos?
First, do NOT email photos to me! Let me repeat that: do NOT email photos to me. Also, don't email photos to me. Please do the following instead:
- Create an image 500 pixels in the longest dimension
- Save as Photoshop level 7 or 8 (approx 100k filesize)
- No branding or watermarking
- All lower-case filenames
- Your full name at the front of the filename (eg. joebloggs-taxi-2011)

Upload these pics to a website and then email me the link to the page, together with your mobile phone number. Preferably, lay the photos out on a single webpage, so I don't have to click on thumbnails to view them.

Anything I select, I'll add to the page and let you know.

Oh, and did I mention do NOT email photos to me? ;)

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