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Most of the image below are sourced from and Jochen at is a well-known photographer and undertakes commissions for many race and motoring events.

Touristfahrten images can be found at:

Track gallery

Full size versions of these images can be found here

Brunnchen, one of the main spectating points on the Ring

Looking back up Hedwigs-Hohe, towards Hohe-Acht

The world-famous Karussell, a 270-degree banked bend

Looking back down the track from the Karussell towards Steilstrecke

Looking from Adenauer-Forst towards Metzgesfeld

An aerial shot of the deceptive Adenauer-Forst complex, scene of many first-lap crashes

Steilsreckekurve - which looks very much tighter than this when driving the track!

Wehrseifen, with the run-up to the scene of Nikki Lauda's crash visible in the background

Looking backwards along the track in the Wippermann complex

The final bend in the Wippermann complex, with Eschbach just beyond the brow

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