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web-brunnchen_0634.jpg | Brunnchen, one of the main spectating points on the Ring

web-hedwigs-hohe-1098.jpg | Looking back up Hedwigs-Hohe, towards Hohe-Acht

web-karussell-1075.jpg | The world-famous Karussell, a 270-degree banked bend

web-karussell-approach-1084.jpg | Looking back down the track from the Karussell towards Steilstrecke

web-metzgesfeld-0703.jpg | Looking from Adenauer-Forst towards Metzgesfeld

web-ring-aerial-af.jpg | An aerial shot of the deceptive Adenauer-Forst complex, scene of many first-lap crashes
(More aerial shots will be available from around Easter 2007)

web-steilstreckekurve-1091.jpg | Steilsreckekurve - which looks very much tighter than this when driving the track!

web-wehrseifen-0708.jpg | Wehrseifen, with the run-up to the scene of Nikki Lauda's crash visible in the background

web-wippermann2-1102.jpg | Looking backwards along the track in the Wippermann complex

web-wippermann-1037.jpg | The final bend in the Wippermann complex, with Eschbach just beyond the brow | Photos | Lightboxes | Empty track
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