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Brendan Keirle

Brendan very sadly lost his life on Sunday 14th May 2017 at the Ring. He was hit by a car while trying to alert other drivers of an obstruction further up the track. Bren was very well known in the area as the owner of Sliders Guesthouse and one of the most experienced bikers on the Nordschleife. A warm personality, he will be sadly missed.

Joerund Seim

Joerund Seim was killed at the Ring after crashing on an oil-spill at Pflanzgarten III on Sunday 7th July 2002. He died in Koblenz hospital at 3am the following day with his wife at his side.

Rene van Lobberegt

Rene died after a sudden illness. He had a seizure on 8th October, was admitted to hospital the following day, fell into a coma on the 26th and died on Friday 8th December 2006.



At the Ring



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