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Ring Kartbahn

The Ring kartbahn is an indoor karting facility located under the Ring Werk next to the welcome centre. The karts aren't the fastest karts in the world, (50 KPH top speed) but they are fun to chuck around corners on such a twisty indoor circuit. However, the track isnít quite FIA grade 1. It may be fun to drive around, but itís so narrow that overtaking is challenging to say the least and takes sheer brute force to muscle through backmarkers. Thatís not to say that you wonít have fun though, because itís karting, whatís not to like?

The format for a session is this, fill out the insurance forms at the reception and queue up till a space is free. It should be noted though that unless itís Formula 1, DTM or the Nurburgring 24 there wonít be much of a queue. 8 karts race on the track, it is a practice session and not an organised race, although they wonít stop you from overtaking and there is a positions board which you can watch while driving round. Your standard session will be 10 minutes long and you will receive a stats page with everyoneís lap times top speed etc


Minimum age: 8 years
Minimum height: 1.20


Rental Kart 1x10 min: €11
Rental Kart 5x10 min: €50
Rental Kart 10x10 min: €100
Rental Kart 100x10 min: €880

Balaclava (mandatory if you use their helmets): €2

Opening Times

Weekdays: 2pm to 10pm
Weekends: 10am to 10pm

The RingįKartbahn can be rented exclusively. This can shift opening times if necessary, or it may force a wait. Karts can't be rented exclusively on Sundays.

Karting ON the Nurburgring

I don't know any more details about this, but it looks good!

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