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DB Power jump starter and power pack

It's a good idea to have a portable jump starter in your car. Until now most jump starters were based on heavy lead calcium batteries, which in my experience were never charged when you needed them so were ineffective. The new generation of small lithium power packs really do work, and this is one of the best and cheapest, at 59.99. It puts out 600 amps, which is more than enough to start most petrol cars up to five litres, and diesels up to three litres. It will also charge any USB based device and will even power a laptop up to 19v (most operate at or under this range).

The video gets going at 15 seconds, and although you don't see it start a car, it has an excellent description of the product overall. Also check out the hundreds of positive reviews on including a video where the reviewer starts his Vauxhaull Astra. If you buy through the Amazon link, I make a small commission, but you still pay the same. Note ebay has the same units listed at a higher price.



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