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Fluid leaks

I'd like to introduce you to Jørund Seim. One of the very early members of Ringers, this is the last photograph ever taken of him before he was killed on an oil-spill at Pflanzgarten III on Sunday 7th July 2002.

This is the reality of what happens when a car or bike drops fluid on the track and continues on.

There are three things everyone who drives or rides at the Ring should do regarding fluid leaks.

First, prevention is key. Make sure your car or bike is in tip-top condition before your trip to the Ring. Check all hoses and caps, and if you drive a diesel car, never top it off right to the brim. In between laps, get into the habit of checking under your car for dripping fluids.

Second, if you have any suspicion that your vehicle may have developed a fluid leak on the way round, pull over onto the grass immediately and check.

Third, if it is leaking, run back down the grass, get behind the armco and flag cars to slow down (it is worth keeping a hi-vis vest in the car to use as a flag). Doing this can literally be the difference between life and death for someone coming round the bend onto your fluids.

Even if you don't care about other people, if you drive on with leaking fluids, you will be legally and financially responsible for every crash that occurs as a result. That means you pay for their cars, bikes, injuries, armco bills, the works. You will also pay for the cost of cleaning the fluids from the track, and the costs of closing the track to do it.

Finally, don't imagine that you can drive on with a fluid leak and get away with it. There are marshalls dotted around the track noting registration numbers so that offenders will be pulled at the exits, and there are photographers at every bend to provide the evidence. If you drive a car leaking fluids on the Ring be prepared for photos of you to be posted all over the internet.



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