Advertise your business on is the #1 unofficial site about the 'Ring. The site gets a minimum of 750 unique visitors per day in winter and up to 2,000 in the spring to autumn peak season. The Where to Stay, Webcam, and Car Hire sections appear as the first link on English language Google searches relating to them.

>60% of the site's visitors come from the UK, about 10% from the US, and then everywhere in the world from Australia to the United Arab Emirates. They look at an average of 5 pages and spend 5 minutes on the site.

If you run a business related to the Nurburgring and would like to advertise here, please contact me. Adverts run from January to December, and the rates are below. If you would like to create a new section on the site or substantially improve the content in a particular area, I can offer a reduction on the first year's advertising rate.

I can also offer generous commission terms to anybody who brings an advertiser to the website. Please contact me for more details.

You can contact me by email at

Advertising rates for January to December 2014

  • Webcam page - 2,000, One 300x250 advert, >2,000 daily views
  • Home page - 1,350, one 468x60 banner ad. Ads in relevant sections (Car Hire / Tours / Where to Stay) are then free.
  • Where to Stay page - 575, listing for one hotel
  • Car Hire page - 575, listing for one business
  • Tours page - 575, listing for one business
  • Private track day dates on the Calendar page - 200 per event
  • Sidebar text ad appearing on almost every page - 1,000 per listing
  • Ads on other pages are available, prices on request

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